Difference Between Youth Today And Today

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Time changes people, lives, and society. The lives of today’s youth and the youth of 30-40 years ago are different from each other. Today’s youth face more challenges than their parents generation because of the increase in academic pressure, economic pressure, and social pressure.

Today’s youth face more academic pressure because there are many more expectations and obstacles when students have to tackle school work. Children are expected to learn more in a short period of time since there are more ways to get informations. The internet provides a fast way to search up information which leads to the school board expecting more information to be learned in the same amount of time as before. Since getting information is much easier today than many years ago, kids are given more work to do per night which leaves them little to no time for themselves, their family, and their friends. There is a lot of
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Today there are many easier ways of communicating with others and getting information because of the advancement of technology over the years. People these days can just ask what they would like to know and get the information within seconds which is a privilege people did not have back then. Another reason some people say that life nowadays is easier for the youth is that there is that there have been advancements in medicine. These days people have access to more medicines that were not around in the 1980’s which saves a lot of money and trouble. (need more on this) It is thought that since today 's kids have so many things handed to them that they have become spoiled and lazy. They have instant access to so many things without having to get out of their seats that it has lead them to expect everything to be done for them and if they do not get what they want then they will be

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