Essay about Difference Between Worldly Faith And Spiritual Faith

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This week are lesson discuss something that I would assume that most of us think we can explain.
Can you explain and or describe the term faith?
What if the person you were explaining faith too ask you if there is a difference between worldly faith and spiritual faith?
Our lesson starts off telling us that we come pre-disposed to professing faith; the author of our lesson tells us that faith is standard issues in all human beings.
When you sat down in the chair in this classroom this morning, didn’t you have faith that your chair was going to support you? It never crossed your mind that there was any danger of you falling to the floor in a heap.
Of course it was possible that you were about to sit down in a defective chair; but faith made you comfortable in taking a seat without closely examine your chair for any potential defect.
I will have t admit to you that I had my worldly faith was tested this week and truthfully every time I walked down the gangway to enter a commercial airliner my worldy faith is tested.
But in the end I have enough faith in the construction, maintenance and abilities of the flight crew to sit down in that airliner and assume the flight is going to be incident free.
The author of our lesson points out that we do not commit ourselves to Christ with the same kind of faith that we use when we sit down in a chair or walk on to an airplane.
Would you agree with the statement that spiritual faith is not native to man?
Biblical faith requires more…

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