Argumentative Essay: Faith Is Not A Source Of Knowledge

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Argumentative Paper Many people have often wondered can faith be considered a source of knowledge? In order for something to be a source of knowledge, has to follow the definition of knowledge which is a “true justified belief or certain understanding” (Knowledge). The definition of faith “which is the rational attitude towards a potential object of knowledge which arises when we are subjectively certain it is true even though we are unable to gain theoretical or objective certainty” (Philosophy Dictionary) . Faith lacks the components to be a source of knowledge because it is unreasonable and unreliable. The reason that faith is unreasonable and unreliable is that it is has no evidence to back up any claim that it has made and that some of the arguments for …show more content…
Premise 2: In the Bible it says that the son of God, Jesus Christ was crucified and was resurrected two days later. Conclusion: Which is why faith is not a source of knowledge because it is impossible for someone to come back to life. The reason this premise is true is that if the son of God, Jesus Christ died where was he buried because if this is such an important person in the ancient times they would have given him a great burial because he is the blood son of the Lord. Why has his grave not been found or any actual evidence that he existed? If Jesus Christ was actually crucified, then where is the stake that he was nailed to because if the romans and the Jews actually killed him they would want to keep the cross that they nailed him on as a trophy why has it not been recovered? And if he came back to life then how because once you die you stay dead where is the evidence that we have to prove that came back from the dead? Why has it not resurfaced again to prove to the people of Earth that he existed? This leads me to believe that faith is not a source of knowledge because it has no truth or evidence to support their

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