Similarities Between The Great Gatsby

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The ideology of the American Dream reaches and inspires the minds of people from around the globe. The American Dream has created a metaphorical blue print for the upward social mobility of a person or family, can be achieved through determination and hard work; despite the social class or circumstances one is born into. The Novel The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald helps gives the reader a better understanding of the of The American Dream. However the novel portrays the American Dream in a different light as opposed to the Movie The Great Gatsby directed by Baz Luhrmann. An article published by the New York Times, written by A.O. Scott supports this. The novel focuses more on the corruption of the American Dream by greed and wealth. The movie instead focuses more on the glamor of the 1920s rather than the underlying messages Fitzgerald portrayed throughout the novel. In the Novel the …show more content…
One way Luhrmann does this by showing depicting the riches described in the book with lavish costumes and extravagant scenes of Mr. Gatsby’s parties. However the movie fails to be as influential as the book. The movie focuses more on the love aspect of Daisy and Mr. Gatsby’s affair rather than the truths of the corruption of the American Dream. This corruption which was the main focus of the author Scott Fitzgerald. This is supposed by the article Shimmying off the literary Mantle by the New York Times in the quote ”The best way to enjoy Baz Luhrmann’s big and noisy new version of “The Great Gatsby is to put aside whatever literary agenda you are tempted to bring with you”. The movie takes a more glamorous, hollywood take on the story and was able to lightly cover Fitzgerald’s Proses but was not able to unfold them deeply enough to truly reveal the important messages engrained in the story. Ironically this leads back to Fitzgerald’s point of the that effects of

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