Difference Between Smart Phones And Family

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Smart Phones and Family Smart phones are becoming a basic need for many people because of its fascinating capabilities. If there is something that can multitask without complaining, it’s a smart phone. More and more people rely on their smart phone not just to communicate with family and friends, but to search the web, communicate via social media websites, find locations, and many more commodities, but not everything is positive about this device because it can also have some negative effects on people’s ability to interact with others. Smart phones produce mental disconnection and separation between family members. Family gatherings are special events in many families and are celebrated with joy. Sometimes family members come from all over the state or country to meet …show more content…
Kline points out that “The knowledge they have at their fingertips may make them more productive, but it may also blunt the thrill of unanticipated discoveries” (500). Kline means that because technology is so advance that kids are becoming more productive, and they think or believe they know everything and this knowledge might lead them to seek less advice from their parents since they can search everything online. Another issue is that smart phones have on kids is that they might opt out from playing at the park and interacting with other kids just to stay on their smart phones. The more time kids spend on their smart phones is less time they communicate and learn new things from their parents and siblings. Parents are providing their kids with smart phones to access information, games, social media and more, but kids are not being taught the importance of real interaction with parents and other people. Sometimes parents would rather keep them busy on the device than having to deal with real everyday complaints or request from their kids, which can result in antisocial, troubled

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