Origin Of Life Vs Religion

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Examine the differences between religious and scientific accounts of the origins of the universe and the origins of the human life (30)
Scientists and Theologians have been in disagreement for centuries over their views on the origins of the universe and the origins of human life. In this essay I will look at the differences of the opposing accounts.

Theologians such as Arthur Peacock believe in Continuous Creation. This is the idea that God is present in the creation of the World that continues on all the time. Peacock accepts sciences theory of evolution but he believes that God made it possible. Arthur Peacock backs up the concept of Continuous Creation with examples such as how a hydrogen atom randomly appears in a one cubic mile volume every year, He believes that this is
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The genesis stories from the Bible provide the order of creation in great detail. Genesis one gives a day by day chronological account of creation week. In this God creates everything ex nihilo or 'out of nothing ' and there is 'fixity of species '. Fixity of Species is the belief that species were made as they are today, this is a major difference with theories such as evolution from scientists.
Mathematical calculations done by Aristotle suggest that the sun is at the centre of the solar system whereas Christians believe that humans are the most important because in the story of the genesis God created humans last and so they believe that this is because humans were most special in hi! plan.

Finally one of the major differences between scientific and religious accounts is that science believes that the universe and everything in it exist because of a random series of accidents. Whereas religion asks why and includes more meaning and reason to the origin of the universe and human life

B) 'Religious and scientific views can be reconciled ' Assess this

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