Regular Snoring

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6. Regular Snoring

The difference between just regular snoring and sleep apnea is that regular snoring does not disrupt your breathing in the same way that sleep apnea can. Regular snoring also does not change the quality of your sleep as much as sleep apnea. However, snoring can still cause excessive daytime sleepiness and sore throat.

It also increases the chance of headaches during morning time, feelings of chest pains, and it can also increase one’s blood pressure. It also lowers a person’s concentration level and you can wake other people up while you are asleep. Moreover, you can still wake up from the sensation of gasping and choking at night.

If you want to reduce the occurrence of snoring at night, there are
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It is important to try and move or at least picture yourself being able to move.

8. Hypersomnia
Hypersomnia is a sleep disorder that affects several people, but is always passed off as just being tired. However, people who are suffering from hypersomnia have the ability to sleep at any time. They find it hard to be kept awake and frequently experiences lack in energy.

Hypersomnia can be caused by sleep deprivation, substance abuse, head injury, or genetics. Those who are affected with hypersomnia would usually complain about drowsiness and lack of focus during their day.

The best remedy for hypersomnia is improving your sleeping habits. You can do meditation to relax and drink warm milk before sleeping. It is also vital to stick to a sleeping schedule, which means that you schedule not only the amount of sleep that you would take during the nighttime but also scheduling the naps you will take throughout the day.

It is also important to stay away from caffeine first because it just provides a sudden rush of energy that would not be able to sustain you throughout the entire day. Instead of caffeine, you should try and stay hydrated by drinking more

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