Bad Rodent Research Paper

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Rodents are the biggest group of mammals, consisting of almost half of the whole mammalian population with around 4,600 species. Chipmunks, squirrels, beavers and prairie dogs are just some of the most popular rodent species native to the United States, playing an important role in forest and grassland preservation as they serve as a major food source for scavengers and predators like bobcats, foxes, hawks and wolves.

Alas, not all rodents are helpful. If your home has ever been infested with house mice or rats, you know how much damage they can bring. Not only do these pesky creatures destroy property; they also ruin crops, contaminate food supplies and even threaten
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Rat urine also causes leptospirosis, an infectious disease that can result in joint pain, fever and even multiple organ failure that can lead to death. People used to contract leptospirosis from cleaning up rat infestations or by handling dog or cat urine that has been contaminated with spirochetes, tentacled bacteria that can change their shape and thicken cell walls in order to resist drugs. Increase in rat numbers has resulted in the resurgence of this disease. 7. Rats are a threat to pets. These furry rodents can attack animals bigger than them, especially if the rats outnumber the said animals. Because rats have taken a taste to kibble, they can also take their share of the food you prepare for your pet dog or cat while unwittingly giving your beloved pet diarrhea and intestinal parasites. 8. Rats cause broken homes – literally. Brown rats are burrowing animals, and can undermine the foundation of your home. If you think this is an exaggeration, think again. There had been instances where rats have caused the shifting of interior walls, doors and windows – trapping residents inside the house because the door won’t even open anymore. Burrowing rats can also cause gas pipes and plumbing connections to

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