Essay on Difference Between Leadership And Leadership

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Same Traits Different Outcomes in Leadership
Leadership is a long researched, studied theme in Organisational Psychology. However, looking at the recent incidents that took various organisations to a huge failure, it is seen that leadership does not only have a bright side. These failures mostly show that destructive leadership is an important reason for them to happen (Thoroughgood, Padilla, Hunter & Tate, 2012). As Goldman (2009) indicates, organisations have started to assess potential leaders in terms of their tendency to get destructive because of the actions of some leaders who caused firms like Enron to come to an end. He says that it is particularly important to predict and prevent these people because their subordinates tend to mirror their behaviours, which makes the organisation an even more toxic place. To define what a destructive leadership means, Thoroughgood et al. (2012) suggest looking at whether the organisational outcomes caused by that leader are positive or negative in the short or long term shows whether the leader is a destructive one. This paper indicates that the same traits of leaders can cause both positive and negative outcomes in different situations (Judge, Piccolo & Kosalka, 2009). As Furnham, Trickey and Hyde (2012) say, there are also “bright-sides of dark-side traits”, which are the traits that are considered as harmful for the organisation. The paper explains through this approach, how it is not easy to analyse leaders’ dark-side and…

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