Difference Between Creative And Creative Thinking

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Creative Vs. Critical: Thinking
Categories are an important part of life, as people group up everything into some sort of category. Time is made into periods, entertainment split up into genres, political ideals into parties, categories are a way to take the clutter of life and make them into neat piles. Broad or narrow, everyone and everything can fit into some sort of category. However, being in opposite categories do not make things incompatible, as creative thoughts and critical thoughts are dependent on another for balance. Despite their apparent differences, their ability to work together is an important task that overall makes both stronger overall. Being labeled as a creative thinker does not limit you to creative thoughts only, and
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It’s not at all uncommon for individuals to share common traits between these two categories, as most people are a mixture between the two. Using both skills within the creative and critical categories are what help keep people balanced. In “Relationships between Critical and Creative Thinking”, Matt Baker describes traits of a critical thinker, “Traits of critical thinkers include independent thinking, empathy, curiosity, faith in reason, intellectual civility, and intellectual responsibility”, but also goes to state, “These traits are not only present in critical thinkers, they are consciously utilized to guide the thinking process” (3). Overall, this is a reasonable conclusion. Every problem does not have to be met with jumping through hoops or finding a brand new, original way around it. Many problems can be solved the way a critical thinker would, direct and to the point, using preexisting notions. With more complex situations, creative thinking would be not only helpful, but even called for and praised, with phrases like, “thinking outside of the box” being popular when coming up with new ideas. All areas of life can be improved with involving both critical and creative thinking together. An artist can use their creative side to make a painting, but then use their critical thinking to assess the painting, and find whether or not it is quality within the fundamentals of design and artistry, just as a scientist searching for new answers can use their creative side to search for answers unobtainable through conventional, forward

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