Evolutionary Science Vs Creationism

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How it all began: Creationism vs. Evolutionary Science

In our modern society a controversy has risen in the scientific community debating the origin of our world between, whether it was created through millions of years or in the blink of an eye by the All-powerful God. Though the argument has already been won our world did not just happen it was created. Creationism is described as the, “worldview that does not accept the undirected formation and development of life but requires intelligent (supernatural) intervention.” (Nieminen,). Many evolutionary scientist try to disprove Creationism by flaunting their scientific discoveries including evolution, Big bang theory, but creationism has scientifically proven them wrong. The Theory Evolution
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We know the earth is only about 10,000 because of many reasons. There is not enough mud on the ocean floor. Currently the depth of mud ocean floor worldwide is about 400 meters (hay), but according to evolutionist the ocean began acquiring mud since it has existed around 3 billion years meaning that the ocean would be choking in dozens of kilometers of mud. There is not enough sodium in the ocean. Rivers, and many other sources drop 450 million tons of sodium into the ocean and only 27% of it gets returned(Austin) which by calculation of input/output of sodium ,that favors evolutionist the ocean, has had less than 42 million years to build up its current amount not 3 billion years. Yet, they stills claim that the logic behind the theory is rock solid, because it can be backed up by the genome tree and geological evidence. But, the Genome tree, which is a Theory the supports evolution by claiming that all living creatures derive from a single common ancestor, has many kinks. There are many missing transitional fossils like hybrid aqueous animals to fully developed land creatures. Such gaps indicate that there is no connection between fossils rendering the theory null, therefore it cannot stand as an opposition. Furthermore, geological …show more content…
Creationism has more than just the Bible to go on there is scientific evidence it did happen. In conclusion creationism is in fact true that we know through the innumerable proof in the foundations sediments, landforms, and overall congruency with all natural laws. The debate has been settled creationism is true.

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