Difference Between Consumer Behavior And Business Behavior

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A successful marketing strategy involves gaining an understanding of the markets that you serve. These markets are consumer markets and business markets. The differences that need to be realized are simple when marketing to these areas, who is buying the product and why is the purchase being made? Business markets are involved in both selling and purchasing products. Their markets are a mix of different consumers. In contrast, consumer markets the goods are being used for personal use rather than for resale purposes. As one can see, there is a distinct difference between those two markets and why they purchase products. Strategies must be evolved to fit the needs, want and buying processes for each one of these areas to adapt to the market.
Consumer Behavior vs. Business Behavior:
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For example, there may be a company looking to purchase for their electric company, one person will be involved with finding quotes, other in charge of price negotiation and another who handles the amount that will be order. In most business situation there is a team rather than one singular person. Which also mean more opinion and more people that you have to appeal to as the marketer. In the consumer buying process there is usually one person deciding on the product and the reason for buying

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