Difference Between Communication And Communication

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The exchanging of information or news; COMMUNICATION. Freshman year of high school I was given an assignment of giving an interview, I decided to interview my father who escaped from Laos and risked his life going on a boat to a refugee camp in Thailand. Throughout this interview I learned that communication is key; by just talking and exchanging words back and forth to one another you can experience an overly looked action. Through this simple task you can connect with someone on a new level, you start to gain information you may or may of not known; for better or worse.
Just until the interview I had with my father I wouldn’t of understood the struggles he went through just for a better lifestyle. When going on a boat from Laos to Thailand
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The interview I went through I had to know what I was going to ask and or say for a particular reason to reach the information I needed to complete my assignment. A huge role in communication is eye contact as well as body language. When interviewing my dad we weren 't just laying down on our couch while talking during a t.v commercial, no we were face to face at a table; making the communication easier. I’m fortunate to be trilingual, my father had to struggle and went through learning English in high school once he arrived in the United States making him an outcast at times only because of a barrier between …show more content…
The one thing that bothers me the most about communication is those who don’t; as a kid you most likely happen to pick up your parents traits, mine happened or happens to be stubbornness. At times i’ve thrown fits at my parents and even when they try to help or make things better i avoid communication because that’s just who i am. My mom always says “ I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what 's wrong” to my brothers and when writing this essay it’s seriously come to my attention that her words are really true. The thing i love about communication are those who do express what they feel so others (such as my mother in my case) can help them out or lead them into a right place. Without communication, this world would be an odd place, be careful what you say or feel though because it could always backfire on you but in my case everything worked out alright. How will you choose to use

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