Dietary Guidelines For Americans And The Healthy Eating Plate From The Harvard School Of Public Health

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MyPlate from the 2010 dietary guidelines for Americans and the Healthy Eating Plate from the Harvard School of Public Health have many similarities and some differences. They both poses strengths and weaknesses.
The 2010 dietary guidelines for Americans focuses on food variety, amount, and nutrition. It also emphasizes less saturated fat, sodium and added sugar. It encourages people to make small changes in their diet and make healthy food and beverage choices. These are some of the strengths of this dietary approach.
MyPlate is the name given to the illustration for the 2010 dietary guidelines for Americans. This illustration depicts a plate with the four common food groups (grains, vegetables, fruits, and proteins) on the plate in different representative sizes and a cup to the side of the plate for dairy. This illustration suggests that whenever someone makes their plate for a meal their proportion of each food group should be similar the food proportions on the MyPlate illustration. This illustration is a strength and a weakness of this dietary approach. The strength of this illustration is that it creates a visual that could be easy to follow and used as a rough guideline when trying to eat healthy. The weakness with this illustration is that by itself it does not give any indication of what a healthy portion size actually is or what size the plate should be. It forces people to look online for more detailed information which may not be easy or convenient for some…

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