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Getting Started
Accessing Helpful Information Entering a New Course Access Code

System Setup
Windows System Requirements Macintosh System Requirements Linux System Requirements

Creating a Profile Editing Student Information Viewing DRI Recommendations Managing an Existing Profile Importing a Profile from Disk Advanced Tips:

+Customizing DRI Recommendations +Using Multiple Profiles

Tracking Your Diet
Finding a Food

Getting Started Tracking Your Diet

Selecting Portions Editing the My Meals Food List Advanced Tips: +Making a Favorites List +Creating Custom Foods +Creating Recipes

Getting Started Tracking Your Activities Adding an Activity Editing Activities

Viewing Reports

Getting Started
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This tutorial is always available from the Tutorial link at the top of the page.

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Printing the 3-Day Average Report



When you're working from the Track Diet page, you can click the Search Tips link to bring up a short Help note which contains an explanation of the report.

Entering a New Course Access Code

To register with a Course Access Code:.

Step 1. After you have received the Course Access Code from your instructor, you can log into DA+. Step 2. Enter your Course Access Code in the Course Access Code text box.

Step 3. Enter your new code exactly as it appears and click the Submit link. A confirmation text box will appear at the top of the page.

System Setup

Windows System Requirements
● Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or 7


This section lists the basic hardware, software, and system settings you need to run Diet Analysis Plus. If your system meets the basic hardware needs, you can download any of the free software you need from the links in the following sections.


To ensure the best experience with DA Plus and enjoy all of its features, please use the information in this section to optimize your computer system and browser settings. System requirements, browser configuration, and software conflicts are important issues when troubleshooting. Due to the constantly shifting

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