Diary Of A Part Time Indian Analysis

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Sometimes we need to take uncomfortable risks if we wish to change our lives. Even though these decisions at the moment might frighten us we need to make them in order to see hope farther down the road. In Sherman Alexie book Diary of a Part Time Indian Arnold Spirit is a 12-year old boy is a reservation indian who leaves his tribe to pursue a better education at Reardan, which is a all white school. Arnold makes tough decisions that contradict the expectations of his tribe ,because he hopes for a better future than most of the indians of his tribe on the reservation.
One of Arnold's first tough decisions was that he moved from the school on the reservation to a school filled with white boys and girls. Arnold comes upon this decision when he receives his mother's geometry textbook. “My school and my tribe are so poor and sad that we have to study from the same dang books our parents studied from. That is absolutely saddest thing in the world. And let me tell you, that old old, old decrepit geometry book hit my heart with a force of a
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So the closest thing he knows hope for him might be with white people “I don't know if hope is white. But I do know that hope for me is like some mythical creature.” (Alexie pg. 51) . Arnold knows from going to Reardan that you have a better chance of finding hope and success from the white race. They have it better made than he does.
So Arnold tough Decisions are not meeting expectation of the Indians living on the reservation, but he needs to think about his life. His dreams his hopes. He should not have to worry about his Indian tribe ,they have given up and are hopeless, but he should still go on out of the reservation seek the life he wants not what the reservation wants. So I believe he should move out of the reservation and show the Indians that there are opportunity out there so put your race aside and go live your

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