Jamal And Arnold Compare And Contrast

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Sometimes in order to find what you are looking for, you need to make change. Arnold is a character from the novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. Jamal is a character from the movie Finding Forrester. Although these characters are from different worlds, they have many similarities. The main similarity they have, change. Jamal and Arnold both made major changes, especially with education, friendship, and culture. Since both boys are people of color, it is sadly expected that they are going to face some challenges dealing with race. In both stories they both deal majorly with school changes, since they either wanted to have a future or they just needed the change so he could learn at all. With friendship they both dealt with …show more content…
While Jamal is talking to the principal of his original school, he says that Jamal’s grades are only average which is strange because his test scores are outstanding and how he thought that Jamal was too smart for this school. Jamal was trying to get average grades in purpose because Arnold on the other hand, was talking to one of his teachers, Mr. P, about how everyone has given up, and Mr. P didn’t want Arnold to end up like that. Mr. P says, “‘All these kids have given up’ he said ‘All your friends. All the bullies. All their mothers and fathers have given up too… we’re all defeated’”(alexie 42). Jamal and Arnold are alike in the way that they should have much more than their school can provide, or is willing to provide. Because of this, they both ending up transfering schools that has more and better education to offer. The boys are also different because the reason Arnold left his school for another was because he wanted hope. At the school he was going to, nobody got anywhere in their life, they all ended up in the same place, nowhere. Arnold was convinced that he is not going to end up there like everyone else from his tribe. Jamal transferred schools because Jamal was very smart, so smart the school couldn’t provide him with the education level that he

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