Diamond Mines And Its Effects On America And South America Essay

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Ever since the early 1920’s Diamonds have became the most valuable rock known to westerners. The side most people don’t know about is what happens in the region most of the diamonds come from. From the mass murders to the underage children working for less than a dollar a day. The system is weekly regulated and more than 30% of the diamonds bought don’t have legal papers of placed mined. Diamonds are also smuggled from different places by minors and back dowered by guards and armed forces. The big name companies don’t have any input on any of the mining situations. Since big names companies use so many diamonds from mines they should focus more on the environment the minor mine in.

Some of the most highly valued diamond mines are in Africa and South America, these same mines are also producing some of the most harsh and cruel working facilities. In 2000 the Kimberly process was created to help mange things of such sort. But since then things have only gotten worse, over 3.4 million people have died from mining. Over a million minors live without basic necessities, only earning around a dollar a day. Proving how little there work is valued, and how minimal laws are enforced of any at all. With the large numbers of children in these areas over 40% participate in mining. Ranging from ages 5 to 16 many work everyday of the week for pretty much nothing. With their small size they are often preforming the most dangerous jobs, such as entering mineshafts and descending into…

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