Diagnosis : Gender Identity Disorder Essay

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Homework Assignment #3 Diagnosis:

Gender Identity Disorder

After watching the documentary, I noticed that transgender people often go through a series of changes, both physically and psychologically. And during many times transgender people become anxious and depressed, and they most often start having some suicidal thoughts, and there are some people that might face bullying and self-dislike such as the girl in the documentary. According to Capuzza (2015), he proved some studies that was conducted on the transgender people showed that these types of people suffer from unusual sexual and physical abuse, as well as discrimination in during job employment in our society. I learned that many parents disagree with allowing their kids deciding what gender they want to be and they usually discourage these actions. On the other hand, there are many parents that are encouraging to their children about becoming transgender like what I saw in the documentary.

From all the information that I found while researching through the books and online databases, I would tell people that the most important thing that they should recognize is that transgender people did not choose to be this way. But it is the fact that would make them start feeling that they were born in the wrong body with the wrong physicality. I feel that once people start to actually accept the fact that they are transgender people go through transitioning, in which these kinds of people go through so many different…

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