Summary: Serving Transgender Youth

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In the article “Serving Transgender Youth: Challenges, dilemmas, and clinical examples,” the Gender Management services-Disorder of Sexual Development Program (GeMS-DSD) was brought to attention for its information on practices of ways to serve gender variant youth, particularly transgender youth. The GeMS structure is structured yet flexible according to the needs of the patients by a multidisciplinary team for individualized care. The main steps taken by the team include psychotherapy to aid the social and family support as well as medical intervention of puberty blocking.
As stated in “Serving Transgender Youth” they explained their internal structure of how they approach each case, “Within our current model we continue to prioritize evaluation
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GeMS used psychotherapy as adolescents and their families struggled to cope with the psychosocial challenges. The article stated these issues as, “managing family responses, including anxieties and discord related to atypical gender expressions and/or disclosures of children; managing peer, school, and other social circumstances in contexts that were often less than accepting; and managing mental health issues” (Tishelman et al., 2015). Psychotherapy was helpful to the patient in school and other social environments which ultimately lessens the stress on the patient as well as increase family functioning, strengths, and support systems, and enables exploration of patients gender expression, identity, and fluidity (Tishelman, 2015). Therapy is essential in decreasing the possible rates depression and anxiety in each patient. In “Abnormal Psychology” it is stated, “Lifetime prevalence of suicidal ideation (74%) and self-mutilation (33%) were significant, indicating the severity of distress that can accompany this disorder” (Beidel, Bulik, & Stanley, 2014). Meaning that as these adolescent progress in their lives without family and social support their rates of suicidal ideation increase. As therapy aids the mental and emotional aspects of the patient's care, the physical body formation is served through medical …show more content…
Within the article main points were highlighted in the procedures they followed to ensure adequate care by applying psychotherapy ultimately to increase the mental health of the patient. The psychotherapy also aided the patient to include the family support and comfort in a social setting regarding their self-identified sex. The additional main point was the importance of puberty blocking to relieve the stress of unwanted secondary sex characteristics to develop. The “Serving Transgender Youth” aims to provide effective, efficient care to transgender youth in North America while establishing a well-developed structure that can be adopted by other countries as

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