Diabetes : A Medical Problem Essay

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Diabetes is a medical problem where the body is unable to utilize glucose. In most people, the body has no problem maintaining the right level of blood sugar on its own. In non-diabetics, when the blood sugar rises above normal levels or goes lower than normal, the body releases hormones to lower or raise it back to normal levels. To lower blood sugar, the body releases a hormone called insulin. Diabetes can afflict anyone of any age. It usually happens when the body does not properly use or produce insulin resulting in too much sugar in their blood.
In diabetics, there is a problem with insulin. If insulin is not present, or if its action is blocked, sugar remains in the body. the blood sugar level rises and the diabetic condition results. Both forms of diabetes have insulin problems, but the exact nature of the problem differs from Type 1 to Type 2.
What Causes Type 1 Diabetes?
With Type 1 diabetes the body either cannot produce insulin at all or is not capable of producing enough to work properly. The cells that produce insulin have been damaged or destroyed and cannot make enough insulin regulate blood sugar. This can be due to:
An inherited vulnerability
Acute injury to the beta cells
Injury to the beta cells stimulates the body 's immune system to attack these cells, damaging them severely or destroying them altogether
There is virtually nothing that a person can do to prevent themselves from having Type 1 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes, How Does It Develop?

Type 2…

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