Devry Engl 147 All Discussion Questions – Graded Essay example

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DeVry ENGL 147 All Discussion Questions – Graded

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DeVry ENGL 147 All Discussion Questions – Graded


Exploring the Course Themes (graded)
The four course themes of education, technology, family, and health and wellness are topics that touch each of our lives in some way. In this discussion, practice exploring the themes as a researcher would: by creating problem statements.
How do you do this? Ask and then answer the question using a sub-topic (see below). Here’s an example. “For whom is [school bullying] a problem?“ In your post, provide the question and then
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Why is this necessary? Use examples from the Information Literacy module you reviewed this week.
This section lists options that can be used to view responses.

Presenting Ideas (graded)
Persuasive presenters have several traits in common. Browse through TED talks or American Rhetoric Website at to find notable speakers who demonstrate strong communication traits. Compare and contrast the ways these speakers meaningfully communicate ideas to their audiences. Include the URL link of the speaker you choose to write about. In a short paragraph, respond to a classmate’s post, indicating whether you agree or disagree with his or her choice, and why.

Preparing the Research Proposal (graded)
How important is it to be personally invested in an idea? Can you sell an idea that you have no stake in? Why or why not? Using one of the resources from the Course Readings, provide an example of an author who is communicating in a way that tells a reader that the author is credible and is a trustworthy source.


Annotated Bibliography Entries (graded)
In your textbook (pp. 325–326), you’ll find a model of an annotated bibliography. Review the model, focusing on the components of the entry: (1) the reference citation, (2) the summary, and (3) the assessment. Then draft one reference entry and two paragraphs from one of your sources. We’ll use the rest of the week

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