Developmental Psychology Mid Term Psychology Essay

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Developmental psychology mid term

Knowing about our early years helps us to understand children and also widen and deepen our knowledge about ourselves (Robinson, 2008) When talking about psychological development in children and how various forms of abuse effect them, we must first discuss the two major developmental theories by Erik Erikson and Jean Piaget. The nature of development itself is dynamic, changing, exciting and challenging. Before we can think about the world and our experiences we must first get to know it. We need to be able to have certain basic concepts in place, have ways of communicating effectively and understand differences between all types of life experiences we encounter (Robinson, 2008).

Erikson believed that external factors such as parents and society play a major role in development from childhood to adulthood. Out of the eight stages Erikson proposed, the first four stages of development depend on what is done to a person while stages five through eight depend primarily upon what a person does. The first stage (basic trust vs mistrust) occurs in infancy where the mother and fathers care taking skills may have a lasting impact on their child. If not properly cared for, the child may develop a feeling of insecurity and worthlessness. The second stage (autonomy vs shame) occurs during early childhood and its when the child is just beginning to develop a self esteem and autonomy as they begin to learn new skills and know right…

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