Developmental Disabilities Essay

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Developmental Disabilities
Amy Giles
Axia College of University of Phoenix
HHS 325- Health and Human Service in the U.S.
David Sainio
December 10, 2006

Developmental Disabilities Living with disabilities on a daily basis can be more difficult then some realize. Many people who are born with developmental disabilities start their education and therapy at a very young age and there are also those people who have been diagnosed with a disability sometime during their lifetime. But what is there for them to do once they have graduated from high school or are told they are too old to continue in a regular school or they are simply told they aren’t accepted in the “normal” community? In all reality there really
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She also needs to continue learning just as she did in school and right now she doesn’t have that option. However, there may be a simple solution to this, I think that if at all possible each school district and possibly each school should have some sort of liaison who is educated about people with disabilities and who is also aware of many different types of programs and organizations within a specific area. Having this type of liaison available to families who have children or other loved ones with disabilities graduating or getting ready to graduate would be a tremendous help. Some families’ only option is to put them in adult daycares and sometimes even group homes because there isn’t anyone to monitor and care for the handicapped/disabled family member. Furthermore, with the help, direction and advice from the school appointed liaison, families will have more options to help decide what is best for their loved one. The majority of the time there are programs and services available to families of people with special needs, but without the right information some people are not aware of them and they feel helpless. Having someone who is dedicated to helping people with disabilities and their families, all of the trouble and worrisome can be eliminated. Now, with any type of service, program or organization there are always issues when I comes to social policies or government regulations. Sometimes the government

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