Essay on Developmental Disabilities : A Day

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Developmental and Cognitive Disabilities: A Day in the Life

Debra A. Arnold

Oakland Community College

Kingsley Montgomery School

April 3, 2014

Developmental Disabilities Experience

Working with the developmentally disabled community can be a daunting prospect for the nurse unfamiliar with individuals who have such disabilities. Acquiring information and allowing oneself to become familiar with the cognitively impaired by researching programs through the internet and visiting facilities can help the nurse to not only work with this population but also to enjoy it. Providing supportive, nurturing care to clients with developmental and cognitive disabilities can not only improve life for these clients, but the nurse may come to find this work very rewarding on a personal level. It is the desire of this author that by interacting with the cognitively impaired, and producing this paper, the capability of working with this population and children in general will be realized. In order to better understand developmental disabilities, categorization of the different levels of cognitive impairment must be explained. According to Hockenberry and Wilson (2009), cognitive impairments are categorized into four areas: mild impairment (approximate IQ of 50-55 to 70-75), moderate impairment (approximate IQ of 35-40 to 50-55), severe impairment (approximate IQ of 20-25 to 35-40) and profound impairment (IQ below 20-25). During the preschool years…

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