Developmental Counseling And Therapy ( Dct ) Essay

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Developmental Counseling and Therapy (DCT) was one of Allen Ivey’s many contributions to the field of counseling. He initially developed the idea for this theory when he began to see a need for the incorporation of various counseling theories into a developmental perspective (Littrell, 2001). Barrio and Myers (2008) describe DCT as an integrative approach to counseling that attempts to utilize theories of human development by incorporating developmental ideas into the practice and profession of the counseling field. DCT specifically draws from Piaget’s developmental concepts and is rooted in the idea that development plays a large role in a person’s cognitive and emotional processes. As an integrative approach DCT works to effectively asses cognitive and emotional functioning and then pair the best suited theories and interventions to meet each individual’s specific needs in order to facilitate change.
DCT is rooted in Piaget’s developmental theory but there are some distinguishing factors that differentiate the two from one another. DCT suggests “that children and adolescents and adults all manifest ways of making meaning about their lives which can be anchored in basic Piagetian constructs” (Ivey & Ivey, 1990). Assessment and developing treatment strategies are based on four cognitive-emotional styles known as sensorimotor, concrete operations, formal operations, and dialectic (Ivey & Ivey, 1990). DCT provides counselors with methods for assessing cognitive-emotional…

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