Essay on Developmental Analysis

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Developmental Analysis
Liberty University
This paper serves to apply the knowledge learned throughout the course, COUN 502, to the development and growth in my lifespan. I will aim to demonstrate a working knowledge of the theories, terminology, and concepts of human growth and development. I will show how these disciplines apply to my own life experiences and how I did throughout my key life events, through the use of empirical studies.

Developmental Analysis
Although I would like to believe I have led a fairly normal life, perfectly meeting each and every milestone or challenge without hitting any speed bumps. Deep down I know, that I there are various aspects of my life that have caused struggles in my development.
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I did not begin having sex throughout high school. However, I gave off a very promiscuous appearance, in order to make myself seem more attractive to boys older than me. When I first entered college, just barely 18 years old, my appearance of promiscuity finally got me in trouble. Still, battling a habit of lying resulting from ADHD, I constantly worked to make myself seem more appealing, in order to get attention I thought I did not receive from my peers. “In the medical and scientific literature early sexual development is described as a problem for girls and as a frightening prospect for parents. News media and popular environmentalist accounts amplify these figurations, raising powerful concerns about the sexual predation of early developing girls by men and boys and the loss of childhood innocence” (Roberts, 2013, 134). Neither my parents nor I could have foreseen the problems I would have faced entering college.
After gaining many male friends in two months at college, I was sexually attacked. At 18 years old, I became a rape victim. From there, I spun out of control psychologically, and within 3 days I had attempted suicide. While my world had crumbled down around me, I later came to learn of the staggering statistics surrounding rape:
When asked if they ever thought seriously about committing suicide: One-third (33%) of the rape victims

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