Development Periods And The Trimester Essay examples

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According to the it states that the defintion of pregnancy is when “A woman is consider pregnant only when a fertilized egg has implanted in the wall of a females uterus.” This paper will be covering the Development periods and the Trimester.

implanted in the lining of the women uterus. When a female is pregnant she will go through an orderly sequence that takes her through stages as the soon to be baby begins to grow. The term prenatal development is broken down into three periods which are called the germinal, embryonic and the last is the fetal. Once the soon to baby is fertilized the egg will carry all of its genetic information to create a new organism, and that is when the mother begins to go into the beginning stages of prenatal period. The first out of the three stages is the germinal stages. The germinal period starts when the male 's sperms cell and the female’s egg cell meet in one the female 's fallopian tubes. After that takes place “ there is a window of a week or so in each ovulatory cycle during which conception might occur.” Felinization happens when one of the man 's sperm cell penetrates the cell membrane of the female’s ovum. During the germinal period cell division and organization started to become very rapid.After a day and a half of of conception, the zygote which is male’s sperm cell and female’s combines will start to divide into two. According to understanding human growth “a second division occurs in each cell ,yielding four…

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