Essay about Development Of Children 's Cognitive Development

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Through reading articles, and having. Class discussions, we learned about two types of development in young children. Of of the topic we learned about wasa child’s cognitive development. Cognitive Development is defined as a field of study that focuses on a child’s development when it relates to processing information, learning language, perception, conception, and any other aspects of the brain
At birth, the brain is the only organ not fully developed. This is because the brain develops as the child learns new things, and they haven’t yet had any life experiences when they are first born. The brain consists of many different regions that perform many different tasks. Within each of these regions, there are nerve cells that send messages to each other over bridges known as synapses. All of these synapses allow each of the regions to communicate with one another. After birth the brain does develop any new nerve cells, but the brain does continue to wire and re-wire the connections between these nerve cells. No new cells may form, but at that young of an age the brain is programmed to produce more and synapses – more than the child actually needs. As the child grows, pruning begins to happen. Pruning is best described as the brain eliminating those connections that it doesn’t need while keeping the ones that have a purpose. In other words, it allows the brain to better do what it needs to do. This process occurs when the child is getting the expected experience in his/her…

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