Development During Adolescence

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Adolescents are the future of a country and all over the world. They belong to their nation and this world. Whether their development are positive or not is a important issue. In order to assist adolescents in growing up, we have responsibility to conduct research to understand different developments during the adolescence.
Adolescence can be divided into three period, early stage, middle stage and later stage. Early stage adolescence is the period that adolescent’s physical and intellectual development presents a rapid growth. Middle stage is a relatively stable period for adolescents to adjust to their new lifespan gradually. During the middle stage, some physical and intellectual changes at the early stage have a tendency to integrate into
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Also, according to psychologists, adolescence is human being’s second crisis. If we consider our first life crisis causes by ablactation, the only thing we can do to fight against this crisis by crying. However, our second life crisis is unstoppable and more dangerous than we imagine, because we have to separate ourselves from parents. Meanwhile, our body will follow a surge of hormones, which may intensify moods and which trigger a series of bodily changes.
During adolescence, there will be a series of pronounced physical differences emerge, when boys and girls enter puberty and mature sexually. A two-year period of rapid physical development triggers by a surge of hormones. Usually, girls will begin at about age 11 and at about 13 in boys. About the time of adolescence, adolescents not only their primary sex characteristics---the reproductive organs and external Du
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According to Piaget’s stages of cognitive development, adolescence is a process of transition from concrete Du 3 operational to formal operational and from thinking logically about concrete to abstract logic. Thinking is human being’s high-grade psychological activity, as we move through adolescence, adolescent’s brain undergoes extensive remodeling, resembling a network and writing upgrade.
For started, the brain’s axon passes messages away from the cell body to other neurons. Gradually, axons become more insulated with myelin, eventually boosting the axon’s transmission speed up to hundred times. Meanwhile, dendrites which receive messages from other cells grow twiggier, and the most heavily used synapses grow richer and stronger. At the same time, synapses that have a little use tendency and begin to wither. This synaptic pruning, causes the brain’s cortex to become thinner but more efficient. In conclusion, these changes make the entire brain a much faster and more sophisticated

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