Developing Test Automation Software Development Essay

1363 Words Dec 19th, 2014 6 Pages
Abstract-The use of testing framework has become a growing requirement in software development. This framework is a kind of software which can automate the pre-generated test cases. So, for developing test automation software an incremental and timeframe iterative approach known as Agile Software Development Methodology can be used. It provides software developers a working test framework early with respect to traditional software development methods e.g. waterfall model. In this paper, an approach of developing test automation software with closed collaboration with product development team is discussed. The proposed method modifies the Agile Development method with scrum by introducing few meetings for combined teams working for development of software product and test automation software. An industrial case study is also presented in the paper.

Keywords- test automation; agile methodology; scrum; software development model; test tool.


Today, in every field of operation one thing is essential that is computer to run desired applications. Software application development is playing a vital role in current industries including automobile, telecommunication, retail, governance, banking, etc. Software development includes some steps to follow such as gathering requirements, creating application, testing, deployment at the user end and maintaining the application. Every mentioned step is linked, it could create a lot of rework if any critical bug found at…

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