Developing Human Ability And Behavior Essay

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Successful and effective evaluation depends upon the quality of evaluators and possess the important and necessary position in educational system in Tanzania. The objective of this work is to examine critically how evaluation is carried out in Tanzanian education system based on primary schools and suggestion of the ways in which evaluation in our education system can be improved. The organization of this work therefore, will flow from the introduction to the reference. The definition of key concepts, aim/objectives of education in Tanzania as well as primary level will be shown. In the integral part of this discussion will be much dealing with the roles of evaluation in education, principles of evaluation in education, main types of evaluation, evaluation in educational program, how evaluation is carried out in primary schools, limitations of the evaluation system being used and suggestions on how evaluation can be improved will be cited as well as conclusion of the work.
2.0 Definition of key concepts
Education, according to Bokongo, otiende and Sifuna (1986), refers to the total process of developing human ability and behavior. It is therefore an organized and sustained instruction designed to communicate a combination of knowledge, skills and understanding valuable for all the activities of life. It also said to be a social process in which one achieves social competence and individual growth, carried on in a selected and controlled institutionalized setting.

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