The Role And Responsibilites And Roles Of Education

Education is a very important aspect of a child’s life. Children begin learning very early on in their life. They start grasping the concepts of life like how to eat, who their family is, and so many other things. They learn these through education. Soon these children become students who start the process known as education. The concept of education includes location and those being taught, the purpose and goals, and the roles and responsibilites of teachers and students.
The concept of education includes location and those being taught. Everybody should be educated, and they should have an equal chance at education. Even a person with disabilities should have the chance to be educated. Usually a child begins learning immediately after birth,
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Students and teachers have many responsibilites. The main responsibility of a student would be to learn throughout their course. While they are learning they should not interfere with others chance of learning by interrupting. Students should come to class prepared by having materials with them, and having homework done. Students are responsible for being able to communicate with the teacher and other students in their class. Students also need to follow safety rules to protect themselves and others. The teacher has many responsibilites. They are the ones educating the students and need to have their lesson plans made and ready ahead of time. They need to have a plan to keep the children safe if something were to happen. They need to be a leader and set a positive example for the students. While being a leader they also need to be a friend to their students. A lot of students do not have someone in there life that really cares for them, so having your teacher care for you can be very influential to a student’s life. The teacher is a major part of the classroom, therefore, they need to be prepared and set a positive example for their students. A teacher is responsible for a how well a student is educated. Students and teachers both have very important responsibilites in …show more content…
Practically everyone in the world is edcuated, but education is mainly focused around children and teenagers. Education takes place all around us, mostly in school, but also in the home, on the playground, and many other places. The main purpose of education is to prepare students with knowledge for their life as they become adults and start having their own place in society. My main goal in education is to prepare students as they mature into adults and allow them to reach their full potential. The students and teacher both have huge responsibilities in education. The most important responsibility of a student is to learn, while another important responsibilty is to not interfere with other students chance at learning. The teachers main responsibility is to educate the students while providing a positive example and keeping the students safe. Education is a very important factor in the success of a child as they mature into

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