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Devastating Water Shortage in California COMM/215 Essentials of College Writing 9/1/2014 Devastating Water Shortage in California Imagine lush green grass everywhere, trees full of life, birds singing, butterflies dancing, lovely flowers blooming year round, surfers headed to the beach to catch a wave, and the smell of fresh cut grass. Doesn’t this paint a perfect place? This is the view when you drive around Southern California. However, California is

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Turn off the water faucet when brushing your teeth, shorten your shower by a minute or two, use the toilet more than once before flushing, fill the sink with water when you shave, and do full loads in the dishwasher and washing machine.

By turning off the water faucet when brushing your teeth, up to 4 gallons of water per minute is saved. Using the toilet more than once before flushing saves about 15 gallons a day. There are over 38 million California residents. If each resident turned off the water faucet when brushing their teeth, over 152 million gallons of water will be saved each day. Add in using the toilet more than once before flushing, over 5 billion gallons of water could be saved daily. It is easy to learn all the ways to conserve water with today's technology. There are lots of websites educating ways to conserve water, and there are hundreds of ways to do so.

Now imagine dead trees, wilting flowers everywhere, brown grass, not a bird in sight, dried up lakes and rivers, people fighting over a bottle of water, and turning the water faucet on and not one drop of water comes out. Sounds horrible, right? This is what will happen in Southern California if residents do not take action now. The rose colored glasses will no longer be sitting on the faces of California residents, and they will wish they had been proactive, took those
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