Desire Under The Elms Analysis

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Desire under the Elms
The Plight of Modern Man O'Neill's Desire under the Elms represents the plight of modern man through many themes. The play represented theme of greed, family problems, Alienation and psychological problems which are all considered to be within the problems faces by modern man. The protagonist Eben is a very clear example on these themes. The theme of greed is represented intensively through all characters but especially Eben. His desire to own the farm alone is very strong. Since his mother died, the farm reminds him of her. In the play He says about his mother "She still comes back--stands by the stove thar in the evenin’--she can’t find it natural sleepin’ an’ restin’ in peace. She can’t git used t’ bein’
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Desire under the Elms highlighted the unhealthy relationships between family members and its negative effect on every member. The negative effect of the unhealthy relationship between Eben's mother and his father affected Eben extremely. He grew up hating his father for treating his mother badly and wished that one day he will revenge for her. On the other hand, he hated his father for not receiving any kind of love or kindness from him. By the end of the play when he thought that his step mother murdered his father not his son he said "But we got to do something quick to make it look as if he skunked himself." He was totally welling to take part in murdering his father which proves how much he hated him. Also, Eben's unhealthy relationship with his brothers made him look to them only as threats that is going to share with him what is originally his "the farm" so he was always telling them that’s my mother's farm not yours and he was not relieved until he got them to sign papers to buy their shares in the …show more content…
O'Neill's Desire under the Elms represented one of Sigmund Freud's theories about a psychological disorder called "the Oedipus complex." According to Lauren Dolloff in her article "The Oedipus Complex" she explains this disorder as an unconscious attachment of a child to his parent of the opposite sex and a feeling of aggressiveness towards his parent of the same sex. In the play we find Eben attracted to his stepmother who is in a way represent his mother and his lover at once. Due to that, he developed this unnatural sexual desire towards her which led to an illicit affair and an illicit child. This psychological disorder is the main reason of Eben's

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