Designing Babies : Morally Permissible? Essay

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With improving technology and The Human Genome Project’s comprehensive list, designing babies has become a legitimate possibility. Though it will come at a hefty price, at least in the beginning, the manipulation of genetic sequences will allow parents to create healthier, stronger, and more beautiful babies. Just because it can be done does that mean it should? Despite the major benefit of designing babies across the world, there are many problems that this new technology allows. Nicholas Agar attempts to tackle this crisis in his article Designing Babies: Morally Permissible Ways to Modify the Human Genome However, his idea to focus on the aspect of life goals causes more problems with designing babies to pop up It is possible that despite the benefits of designing babies the problems will prevent it from being a good idea.
The Benefits and Problems of Designing Babies
Unfortunately for the human species there exists genetic manipulations that are incurable and life destroying. Though there are ways to deal with these genetic disorders, from therapy and support groups to medications that deal with the symptoms, it is impossible to prevent these diseases from affecting the person in question. Thanks to the technology of designing babies, it is possible to expose the genome linked to these disorders and alters or destroys it so that the child will not grow up with that it. This is probably the most inherently good manipulations that comes from designing babies. Unlike the…

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