Designing A System Of Change Essay

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This Chapter is intentional about specific areas requiring action that all leaders must focus on to mobilize a system of change.

Section 3 is comprised of five chapters: 1. Make Interpretations (2), Design Effective Interventions (3), Act Politically (4), Orchestrate Conflict (5) and Build an Adaptive Culture (6).

In Chapter Eight the authors confer that there are several precepts that every organization and its leadership must adhere to and practice in order to move their organization forward towards improvement and optimal successful. Likewise, organizations and their leadership must always consider the implementation of adaptive techniques and problems solving skills with the understanding that no two situations are alike; and errors are not considered set-backs, but mores so progress.

Again, this adaptive approach requires all organizations to look at situations from an adaptive interpretive perspective and not the technical aspect . The specific goal of Adaptive Leadership in mobilizing systems is to help the organization shift their thinking from the mindset that all organizational challenges or problems are technical, benign, and individually caused ; thus moving the group to a point where problems are defined as adaptive, conflictual and systematic.

The application of effective adaptive leadership principles seeks to examine the larger internal corporate solutions or outcome and not personal or individual dynamics. Looking at the bigger picture means that…

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