Designing A New Project For The Game Application Essay

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Book Description
This book is a guide for you to develop your own android game. The various steps which are necessary for one to come up with complete and functional game have been discussed. The book begins by guiding on how to create a new project for the game application. You will get to understand how the game to be developed will function from the plan established at this stage. The next part of the book discusses the loop to be used for the game, in other words, how the activities for the game will flow. This will help you to get organized. On reading this book, you will be guided on how to display images on the screen of an android device. The kind of images which are highly preferred is discussed. The book will also guide you on how to move these images around the screen. The rate of display of an image on the screen is measured in terms of frames per second. This book will guide you on how to do this and control it so that humans do not notice how the display is done. You will be guided on how to use sprite animation so as to differentiate between a still and a moving image. OpenGL ES library and canvas for displaying graphics have also been explored in detail.
The following topics have been explored in this book:
 Definition
 Creating the project
 Idea for the Game
 Basic Loop for the Game
 How to display Images in Android
 How to move Images on the Screen
 How to measure FPS
 Enabling Sprite Animation
 How particles explode
 Use of Bitmap Fonts

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