Designing A Management Or An Architect Position Essay

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At that point, you can move into a management or an architect position. In a management position, you start being in charge of teams of programmers and delegating work. In an architect position, you start writing design documents, deciding what technologies make sense, developing software frameworks, etc.

Within HIT, the path of a software developer is basically the same. It is best for someone that wants to develop software for the health care arena to have had previous experience with the systems within. From this angle you can see and understand what works and what does not work for those using these systems on a daily basis. It has been my experience that very talented and intelligent developers have created systems for health care that just do not meet the needs of it 's users. In order to become a successful software developer for health care institutions, you must start off by getting to know the process in which the everyday users work.

One system, such as the EPIC system that is used nationwide within hospitals and doctor 's offices, must also include the capabilities necessary to effectively store and transmit medical records, and allow billing, coding, and customer service to work hand in hand. From doctors and nurses, to customer service reps and coders, the same system is used to link information to all those involved in the beginning to end of a patient 's care. If you do not understand the registration process, the insurance verification process, the…

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