Designer Babies Debate

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1.0 Introduction
The purpose of this report are to research the different views of those who believe that designer babies will impact towards society and those who does not believe on it. Besides , this report will also curtain background to the arguments , the social significances , identify the participants relevance and put towards differing arguments related to the view had. 2.0 The issue and background to the debate
The invention of designer babies have brought happiness to infertile couples. According to the advanced technologies in 1990s, it had causes to bring out human clothing even chooses for superhuman traits have stoked fear in the public about ‘designer babies’ (The Huffington Post, 2014) . The opinion between journalist
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This issue results in the use of designer babies which will help infertile couple to have a baby. Besides this, it has raised awareness towards its targeted audience towards the society. It also clarified benefits and doubts for infertile couple. Thus, the question here is will the impact of designer babies helps to improve the lives of infertile couples or will it endanger the future? (National Institute for Health and Care , 2013)

4.0 The participants of the debate
The main participants of this debate are scientists, doctors, infertile couples and the member of the society who has express different views regarding how designer babies changes other people lives. (Mail Online, 2013, The Huffington Post, 2014,,
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With the creation of designer babies and the likelihood for parents to choose the desirable features of their child, it could only lead to human beings to further dwell in the endless choice for the perfect appearance. Designer babies could lead to the overwhelming response of a certain features that are deem more valuable as compared to other features and the poorer population that are born naturally with certain undesirable features would likely be discriminated by others. (Designer Babies: The Good and the Bad - Cons., 2014). Furthermore, it could also lead to these normal kids to feel inferior of their appearances, causing them to lose confidence and hope which would lead to a viscous cycle because being rich would just look nicer and better whilst the poor just stay the same (Lemonick, 1999). In conclusion, the society contend that designer babies will bring harm towards the generation.

6.0 Conclusion From the discussion above, it is very clear that there are different opinion on the issue of designer babies. There are some who believe that designer babies help save lives whereas those who oppose designer babies claimed that it will harm the society and the future generation. To decide which impact has greater consequences,

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