Design, Thinking and Innovation at Apple Essay

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1. Executive Summary
Apple as one of the most famous and successful corporations and brands in the world can attribute its past success to Steve Jobs and their employees. The whole organisation understands the companies (mainly Steve Jobs) vision and philosophy.

In Apple, employees think that they can change the world and bring completely new values to the customers by design and innovation. They not only want to deliver these new values in a simple way, but also want to provide the customers with functionalities and features they need and that are competitive. Apple is capable of applying simplicity to the design and innovation of their products and at the same time considering customers' needs.

While living this vision and
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The recent growth and success of Apple can probably still be attributed to Steve Jobs. Can this role be satisfied by someone else than Steve Jobs in the long run? In abstinence of Steve Jobs during 1985 - 1997 different strategies were followed with success that is not worth mentioning. The reason were strategies different to Steve Jobs thinking and vision. When Steve jobs came back in 1997 he stopped the initiatives started, stopped running projects that did not make sense and applied his vision of "Think Different" and "Simplicity" again - with success.

b. By constantly going different ways and designing and marketing different products and services than its competitors, there is the thread that Apple could be missing out on markets, trends and opportunities. For example, Apple is not following the open source movement and continues to develop its own software and hardware.

c. In the long run, management and employees might not be able to maintain the companies' vision philosophy of providing state of the art products and services that are different to what is already available in the market. By loosing this vision and philosophy and not applying it to its design thinking, Apple might face the risk of developing and marketing products that become less and less attractive to customers.

d. One of Apples main philosophy is to keep products and services as simple as possible. The design and engineering

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