Design And Installation Of Elevator Essay

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Elevators fall under CSI division 14 in Conveying System with specification 14-20-00 for elevators. Elevators became more prevalent in the early 19th century when steam power was being first introduced, but elevators have been in existence for hundreds of years. Since then, elevators have become far more advanced with many different types of designs that excel at different purposes in providing transportation quickly to different floor levels. The creation of elevators has allowed some of the tallest buildings in the world to be designed and assessable. There are many features and variables that must be considered in the design and installation of an elevator in a building, which all differ depending on the type of elevator being placed. This study paper will note the many types, but will primarily focus on the many different traction elevators types. Understandably because traction elevators are the most versatile and common used in commercial buildings today. The elevator industry is comprised of many elevator companies, but a few elevator companies dominate the industry of designing and the installation of elevators in buildings. These companies are on the forefront of the industry and paving the way for more innovative, efficient, and safer elevators. These few companies are Otis, Mitsubishi Electric, Schindler, Kone, and ThyssenKrupp, with Otis being the major and most profitable elevator company in the industry (Statista). These elevator companies undoubtedly want…

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