Design A Curriculum Unit And Explain The Way Essay

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Design a curriculum unit and explain the way in which your understanding of various ethical aspects from this subject has been used to underpin its design.
On a daily basis we are faced with moral decisions and ethical judgements. The term ethics and morality have different derivations, even though they may go hand in hand. Vardy (1998, p. 85) claims that the word ethics comes from the Greek word ‘ethikos’, this relates to character. Morality comes from the Latin word ‘moralis’, meaning customs or manners (Padilla, 1993, p. 1). Ethics help up choose the way to behave in an acceptable manner in society, to not harm others, and to bring about the greatest good out of people (Agarwal and Chaudhary (2013, p. 29). Vardy (1999, p. 13) further explains how thinking philosophically is not that easy, it requires one to challenge his/her own perceptions. Making choices and the ‘right’ decisions can also create an uncomfortable position for going through an ethical or moral situation. Vardy (1999, p. 13) argues, ‘it challenges our own perceptions”. Ethical judgements influence our behaviour and our self. According to McQuilkin and Copan (1995, p. 3), the main concerns of ethics, is doing what is right, being a good person and trying to achieve results that are fair. Understanding ethics strengthens the teaching of values, professional standards and reflective practice (Boon, 2011, p. 117). It is human nature to be ethical, to act morally, to want to be a ‘good’ person.
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