Descriptive Policy Analysis Essay

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Descriptive policy analysis on Youth Entrepreneurship Policy
Introduction and Background
Many young people in Zimbabwe cannot find employment. This has become particularly acute since the onset of the Zimbabwean economic crisis in the late 1990s. The rate of youth unemployment with regard to both formal and informal sectors of the Zimbabwe economy stood at 19 percent for females, 11 percent for males (Chakanya, 2008). This has left a huge problem to policy makers to come up with policies specifically targeting youth unemployment reduction.

The major cause of this situation has been the collapse of the Zimbabwean manufacturing industry. While it has been the envy f many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, it capacity has consistently
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In addition, it will help young people engaged in low-productivity jobs access training and other services to increase productivity without being disrupted from their work.

The policy strongly advocates for supporting entrepreneurship of young men and women through proper training, access to credit, and other business development services and encouraging cooperatives run by youth, or whose members are mainly youth, to enable young women and men to pool resources, share risks, acquire stronger bargaining power, and enhance their access to productive resources and markets. It will that ensure that initiatives provide youth, especially women, with access to resources, such as land and financial services. Above that, it will encourage micro-credit facilities to extend grants and loan services to youth. Qualifying recipients should also be given the guidance, as well as freedom, to choose how best to use the funds.

Objectives of the Policy
The objectives of the policy are;
To reduce youth unemployment
To reduce crime and violence
To implement an inclusive economic growth program
To reduce rural to urban migration
To increase the general standards of living

Justification of the Policy
There are a number of reasons why the youth entrepreneurship policy would be beneficial to the youth themselves and the society at large. Firstly decent work is an indispensable component of

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