Descriptive Narrative Essay example

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Mr. Hays
Lindsay Teegarden

Homecoming Queen!

It is every little girl’s dream to someday become a Princess, or better yet a Queen. This usually happens when they watch Disney movies such as Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast. Children often use these people as role models. But for Lindsay, there was a whole different meaning behind those words. She learned that to become one of those lucky people, she had to give a little first. When Lindsay was in Kindergarten, she had the privilege of being part of the 1999 Homecoming Royalty as the crown bearer. She was so honored that she was selected over all the other girls in her class as the one that the principal wanted to carry the beautiful shiny crown. When that day came, she
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She heard people telling everyone else who to vote for, yet she did not hear her name. All of her life, she dreamed of becoming Homecoming Queen, but how could she if she was not even royalty? Everyone voted, yet she still did not put her own name down because she felt as if she should not vote for herself for anything. Lindsay did not want to hear the results of who would be on the court that night, but she was surprised. When the principal announced her name as the third representative of her grade, she felt truly blessed! When Lindsay went dress shopping, she knew the right dress the moment when she slipped it on. It was gorgeous! It was fiery red and sparkled from head to toe. It was a high-low dress and it fit her to a T. The night of Homecoming, two of her best friends did her hair and makeup. They transformed her from an ordinary girl to someone who truly did look like a queen. As she stepped out onto that gym floor that night, Lindsay looked like that adorable and stunning princess that everyone wants to be. The entire crowd on both sides of the gymnasium bleachers was amazed. It was almost time for the Announcer to state the Queen, and Lindsay just knew deep inside herself that she had no possible way of winning, but her heart still dropped. As the announcer began claiming that she was the winner, tears of joy slowly began falling out of her eyes. Wow! She did it! Lindsay got to live her

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