Descriptive Essay : ' Unforgettable Days '

835 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 4 Pages
Unforgettable Hours Today snowy weather brought back a memory from my child hood. I still remember those horrible hours and I will remember every time we get snowstorm. I was a little girl who did not exceed the ten years yet. I was the bravest between my other three sisters even if two of them were older. Back in the 1900’s my father decided to visit his cousin who was visiting his hometown “Homs” for the first time in decades. My father drove the whole family from Damascus to Homs in the beginning of December. When we left that morning, the weather was cloudy and cold. The closer we got to Homs the temperature dropped. I remember everyone in the car was laughing when I said, “Where are you taking us to the Eskimo. I learned about Eskimo from a picture of igloo in my sister book. Usually Damascus has cold winter but not like Homs west suburb towns, which all connected to Lebanon Mountains where it very cold with a lot of snow. We passed thousands of naked tress, which ready to wash their branches. Thick black clouds formed the sky. We were singing with the radio with the famous singer Fayruz after the radio snow announcement. Mom expressed some concerns about it and she asked my father to leave early to be home before the night since its three-hour drive trip. Again, the host On the radio started to talk about snow and how wonderful to be blessed with snow since he lived in Damascus like us where wasn’t a…

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