Descriptive Essay : ' The Night '

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Sprinting is not that easy when you don’t know where you are going, but I was doing it nonetheless. Without a destination, I keep my eyes pealed for a safe place to stop, but this sad excuse of a town doesn’t have much to offer. Mostly cornfields and barns, both of which give me bad vibes. I slow my sprinting down to a steady jog, just to be sure I’m not missing any opportunities. In the distance, I see a building; I decide if there are no cars, then I will see what it has to offer. As I approach the building, I see a parking lot without a single car, along with half of a sign that says “St. Pius”. I had come across an abandoned school, a gift sent directly from God himself, which is ironic considering the day I’ve had. I will just find a way to get in, and stay here for the night.
On my way to the door, I jog through what used to be a playground. The monkey bars were worn and rusty, as was the tall, metal slide that spits out where a patch of sand used to be, but now is just a pile of weeds. In the distance is a swing set where three swings are intact and four are missing. The night is perfectly calm, not the slightest bit of wind, so if I see one of those swings move it is decided that I leave immediately. A ways down from the swings, I could make out a baseball diamond where the slightest shade of brown can be seen under a blanket of dead grass and weeds.
Getting inside the building won’t be hard. I already see where previous delinquents had broken in, and I can follow…

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