Descriptive Essay : State Park Hike

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Minnewaska State Park Hike

While on military terminal leave in the summer of 2014, I was having a conversation with my cousin’s husband about hiking. I mentioned to him how we should take his 9 year old son hiking. A few days later he had the hiking trip all planned out with a map of the actual state park in NY. One of his coworkers that goes camping with his sons suggested Minnewaska State Park in upstate NY. I was excited to go hiking with them. Because while serving in the US Army I had trained in the woods but it was all about work; this time to me it was about enjoying nature and everything it has to offer.
The actual day of the hiking trip, we met up before 07:00 A.M. everything was planned just right for the trip. While driving to Minnewaska State Park, I would look out the window of the car and appreciate how peaceful everything was. When we were arriving to the town right outside the state park we decided to get some breakfast at a local. When we drove up to the diner, I saw sunflowers growing outside the diner. The color of the sunflowers gave so much life to the diner. I had never seen sunflowers that tall in my life so I decided to take some pictures to show one of my friends that’s in to gardening. After we finish eating breakfast we drove towards the state park. While driving we see a field full of sunflowers. Seeing the field of sunflowers on the side of the road fully grown taller than the ones at the diner, gave me a feeling that it’s going to be a great…

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