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Not Just another Lake House
Our family lake house is full of fun and gregarious laughter all summer long. Ever since I have been old enough to remember, I have spent the bulk of my summer weekends on mile marker number 3. This is where my grandparents have owned a lake house since I have been alive.
My dad and grandparents have owned homes at the lake since the late 1960s, so it is no shock that I have also acquired a taste for wanting to leave the populace and noisy city and head out highway 70 towards southern Missouri were life is much simpler and quieter. I guess you could probably say the Lake of the Ozarks is my second home.
Ever since I can remember, come 5:00 PM on a Friday night, our car was packed with clothes and food and my mom was yelling at my adamant and deaf brothers and me to buckle up. My ambivalent dad can’t stand driving in traffic so needless to say there was a mad dash to beat traffic. Although the 3 hour drive is tiresome, it is amazingly worth the wait, even if my little brother Justin keeps on asking my dad how much longer until my mom’s white 2001 Honda minivan arrives at the lake. Actually, my dad thinks the three hour drive is a healthy dose of time for to catch up on our lives. He says it is the only time he can keep his three sons in one location at one time. I must admit that he does allow us to play on our iPhones for the trip. I guess it keeps us preoccupied and stops us from complaining and arguing with each other. To be…

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