Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

1145 Words Nov 7th, 2015 5 Pages
We walked towards our destination with excitement in our. We were surrounded by trees and other park visitors. I heard the sounds of the other visitors, laughing after having been on a rollercoaster, screaming of the ones going down a rollercoaster. I could smell the sweet candy and the salty french fries beckoning me to spend my money. I can feel the water drops of the impending rain storm hit my head. We got to our destination and put our supplies in a locker for safekeeping. Putting my phone in the locker was hard, but I didn’t need a phone for where I was going. We walked a little farther, my mom wore a Universal Studios official trench coat. It was made out of blue plastic, which she hated but was willing to wear because she hates being wet even more. My younger brother also wore a trench coat but he brought along his Harry Potter wand which he spent his allowance on, so he wasn’t about to leave something so valuable back in the locker. I have no trench coat, I just had my t shirt and shorts. There was only one group of people waiting in line at my favorite ride in the park, so got on practically the moment we got there. As our boat arrived the rain storm kicked in. The clouds had turned grey, and the rain came down hard. I could hear the rain hit the ground so hard that that it could have been mistaken for hail. I heard the rain hit my mother 's trench coat. The rain drenched me before I got on the ride, but that didn’t stop me from being exited. My hair had gone from…

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